Pet Mogul

4.5 ( 7575 ratings )
نمط الحياة الترفيه
المطور: Planet Charlie Inc.
1.99 USD

Pet Mogul is a fun and interactive app that gives you a new friend to play with. Every time you launch the app your new pet will appear on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch.

Your new pet looks like no other pet in the world. It appears to be an oddly disheveled clump of hair, but it is much more. It’s a special pet and it needs your love and care.

After launch, your new pet will sit on your screen awaiting attention from you. You can pet your new pet by rubbing your finger on it and hear it giggle and vibrate with delight. Your pet Mogul has a very unusual diet…It eats stacks of money !! That’s right money. At the bottom of your screen there is a tool bar which gives several care options. You can feed, walk or put to sleep your new friend with the touch of a button. Your pet also needs to be walked. Look out though, because your pet Mogul poops skyscrapers!!

Why have an ordinary pet…when you can have an extraordinaire pet… with Pet Mogul !!!

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